About me

Dr. Shaheryar Shafi

Shaheryar Shafi is a Pakistani clinical scientist. He is passionate about research and treatment of Cancer. He is currently working on inflammation and tumor immunity of cancers to understand the cause of tumors and treat them better.

Education Background

Shaheryar Shafi was born in Hyderabad, Pakistan, went to Dr. N.A Baloch Model College, studied Microbiology at Sindh University of Jamshoro, and received a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Microbiology in 2017. The same year, he also received a Doctor of Homeopathy degree from Homeopathy College of Hyderabad. In 2018 he moved to China and went to Shenzhen University, where he studied Bladder Cancer and received a master's degree in basic medicine in 2021.

Honors and Awards

In 2020 he was selected best outstanding international student by the Guangdong provincial government of china, and he received an award scholarship from the Guangdong Provincial Government of china.

In 2021 Shafi was selected as a young scientist by the Alliance of international science organizations (ANSO) and got funding for his Ph.D. as the Young Talents based on a comprehensive evaluation. Now he is currently working as a research assistant and pursuing his Ph.D. at Suzhou Institute of biomedical engineering and technology (SIBET) and Chinese academic of Sciences (CAS) at the University of Science and technology of china (USTC).